Dulwich’s Musical Past How are U2, Roxy Music, and Pink Floyd connected to Dulwich? Join me on October 4th for a musical tour of Dulwich and the surrounding area and find out about its many pop and rock connections.

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With The Beatles which is scheduled for an August publication. It is based on my interviews with Paul, George and Ringo, as well as looking at how the Beatle brand has developed since the group split in 1970. It is also the first full-length biography in nearly 20 years. So that’s everything from Liverpool in 1940 to their 2023 No.1 single.

All being well, I'll be in Liverpool on Sunday 25 August to launch the book.

My latest book, Cleopatra & The Undoing Of Hollywood came out in June 2023, and happy to say has been published in America this year.

I have just completed a feature on The Guns Of Navarone for Sensational Sixties magazine due soon.

And, as ever… Bob Dylan. Delighted to say I've been asked to talk about Bob On Film for an event at Farnham Maltings in Guildford in July, more on that later.


I have also written a feature for a Record Collector special on King Crimson. It's about their 3rd, and 2nd best, LP, Lizard.

Plenty of new old features have been added to my Archive section. Drowning man syndrome - your whole journalistic life flashing before you… Happy to say that I'm still here with plans for at least two more book.

As I sail past 70, I hope there’ll be plenty more contributions, and we’ll all be around to see the chimes of freedom flashing…

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I attended Dulwich College 1963/69. Scholastically, it was time ill-spent, but illness meant a year away, and I still have friends from all those years ago. Researching various radio documentaries, I was fascinated by the eminent authors this – relatively- modest English public school produced.

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