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Rolling Stones 69 *

I had never written about the Stones in detail. I’d interviewed Bill Wyman at length, and spoken to Mick on the phone about his (surprisingly good) soundtrack to the (predictably bad) remake of Alfie. It struck me that the 12 months of 1969 were the most eventful in a not uneventful career: the death of Brian Jones… ‘Honky Tonk Women’, one of their greatest singles… Let It Bleed their best-ever LP… Hyde Park… American tour, the one time they surged ahead of the Beatles, but concluded in the tragedy of Altamont. I knew I’d never get any new interviews, Mick and Keith only break cover when ticket sales are slow or there’s new product to promote, but there was a wealth of material to draw upon. It was a treat dipping back into my cuttings of the period, and I’d like to think there was enough new for purchasers. The reviews were good. For ‘research’, I got to see them at the Olympic Park, 2018. Spoiler Ending: they were magnificent…