The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

This was a nice one to do. A colleague had a short-lived spell as a commissioning editor and I was lucky enough to get in on his coat-tails. This, of course, was written pre-internet and even pre-DVD, so it was tracking down old video copies of these classic films. I think I even had to book a space at the BFI to watch some of the obscure ones. But what a treat… having a reason to sit and watch Rebecca, Rear Window, The Birds, Suspicion, The Lady Vanishes, Psycho, North By Northwest… Hard to put a cigarette paper between the best of them, though Rebecca and Rear Window are near the top. I was never convinced by Vertigo, it smacked too much of Hitchcock wanting to be taken seriously by the critics. Oh, and mustn’t forget Shadow Of A Doubt, the one the former Leytonstone inhabitant said was his own favourite. Oh, and mustn’t forget Rope, Strangers On A Train, Foreign Correspondent…