With the Beatles

Well, it seemed a logical step after my Rolling Stones 69 book, but it is an over-subscribed market. There are over 40 Beatles books scheduled for 2022 alone. Perhaps it was time to think about a biography of Freddie & the Dreamers. But a chat with my old and valued friend Bill Brooke changed things; I explained my doubts. He said “But you did meet them didn’t you?” “Well, yes I must have spent time with Paul on a couple of dozen occasions over the years, plus interviewed George and Ringo” “So, you have interviewed three of the Beatles? Duh!” Then Lockdown kicked in, which gave me time to dig out my interview transcripts, empty the three bulging filing cabinet drawers of cuttings and start sifting through my 120+ Beatle books. I soon realised that there were surprisingly few biographies of the Beatles on the market. There were books about their clothes, instruments, philosophies… Nights they spent in Wales, Spain and Belfast. Whole books about individual songs, LPs and gigs. There were books by their chauffer, hairdresser and photographer, But there were none which dealt with that extraordinary career arc, from ‘Love Me Do’ to ‘Strawberry Fields’ – in four years. Or the baton McCartney picked up after Brian Epstein died. And no one book dealt with how the Beatle brand flourished after their 1970 split. So that’s the story my three-part, 200,000 word book attempts: 1940-1963; 1964 – 1970; 1970 – Tomorrow (Who never knows) Now all I need to do is find a publisher…