On the Radio

I was lucky enough to be a regular over BBC networks for many years. I was never going to find the next Oasis, but I was frequently called on as a “pop historian” to BBC Radio 1, 2, 4; the World Service and 6 Music.

That led to my writing and even presenting documentaries for BBC radio, details of which can be found here. The great thing about it was it opened so many doors – the only media which really impresses Americans are The Times of London and the BBC. As an historian it also allowed you access to the fabulous BBC Archive.

Over the years I had a hand in radio documentaries on Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Stephen Foster, Elton John, the Beach Boys and the Bee Gees. Other programmes included the Battle of the Alamo, which saw me in the Swiss basement of Phil Collins, the world’s leading collector of Alamo memorabilia - I got to hold one of Davy Crockett’s actual rifles! Also programmes on Errol Flynn and the Cuban revolution, the Day of the Jackal, Flanders & Swann, a profile of Len Deighton, the JFK Generation and film trailers, which got me into Michael Winner’s Kensington mansion.