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The Essential Body Guthrie

A nice little budget 27 track compilation. What’s amazing is just how many of those tracks have seared themselves onto the public imagination – ‘This Land Is Your Land’, ‘I Ain‘t Got No Home’, ‘Vigilante Man’, ‘Grand Coulee Dam’... If only for his impact on the young Bob Dylan, Woody deserves respect.

But Woody was a moving force behind the UKs skiffle boom of the 1950s, which begat the Beatles. But after his death in 1967, Woody found a new audience with Bruce Springsteen, REM, the Waterboys, Billy Bragg, U2... As a husband and father, Woody left much to be desired, as a troubadour he was in a class of his own. Nobody knows just how many songs Woody wrote, but the best of them can be found here.