Sleeve notes

The Ultimate Collection: Paul Simon

I was delighted to be asked to write the notes to this 2015 compilation, the first to gather together Paul’s solo work + the best of Simon & Garfunkel.

It is an extraordinary collection. I saw S&G on their 1970 tour to promote Bridge Over Troubled Water; they only played eight dates! I saw them at the Albert Hall, just the two of them, then Larry Knechtel joined Art for Bridge… They included the extra verse of ‘The Boxer ‘and Gene Autry’s ‘That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine’. Paul went on to a glittering solo career in the 70s, but struggled with the 1980s. Then came Graceland; along with Elvis’ 1968 TV Special, it is one of the most remarkable comebacks in rock history.

I spent a delightful day interviewing Art about the SG CD remasters in New York just days before 9/11. Paul has eluded me… so far.